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Get to know more about all our products. You can find all questions and answers of our Laptop Sunshades or iPad/Tablet Sunshade.

You choose the Sunshade of your choice. We then make sure that it is delivered to your home as soon as possible. Once you get it home you unpack it and click it to the screen of your laptop, this is done within a minute and you can start working with your laptop in the sun.

Due to its universal size, the sunshade fits all laptops with screens from 13 to 14 inches and screens from 15 to 16 inches. These are basically all laptop brands: Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Micro Express, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, etc.

Due to its universal size, the Sunshade fits all iPads/Tablets with screens from 9.7 to 11 inches. These are basically all iPads/Tablets brands: Apple, Samsung, LG etc.

Ordered before 5 p.m. is shipped the same business day and delivered the next day.

You can return your Sunshade itself within 14 days, then you can contact us in case of return.

The Sunshade is made of vegan microfiber leather in a harmless and recycled materials, high quality materials and craftsmanship. Because of the vegan leather, the hood is super strong and can withstand heat. The surface is couted with polyurethane to make the hood durable, scratch resistant and waterproof.

The Sunshade has magnets in the top and sides. This allows you to fold the sides and top in multiple ways to the way you need and like at the time.

The Sunshade is easy to hold and fold. The minimal thickness of the Sunshade allows you to easily hold your laptop or iPad/Tablet with the Sunshade around it, both while and after using your laptop or iPad/Tablet.

The Sun Screen is easy to place on your laptop or iPad/Tablet and is also easy to take off.

You can wipe the Sunshade with a slightly damp cloth in case of stains.

All our goods can be returned, this must be done under the following conditions:

  • Within 14 days from the date of purchase.
  • The item is in its original packaging.
  • You will receive a shipping label with which you can return the Laptop Sunshade free of charge.
  • Please include your name, order number and bank account number when returning.
  • Returns can be made to the following address:

WO Shops
De Trompet 1757
1967 DB, Heemskerk
The Netherlands

  • Upon receipt we will check the item, if the item meets the conditions we will transfer the money from your order as soon as possible.

Currently, the Sunshades are only available in the color black.

You can buy your Sunshade in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose your Sunshade
  2. Fill in the billing information
  3. Confirm your order by paying

You can pay for the Sunshade via Visa, PayPal or iDEAL.

After completion, the Sunshade will be sent to you.

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